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Are You Hungry?! Let's Please Some Palates!

Asil - The Perfect Palate Pleaser



About Lisa Dee

Welcome to Lisa Dee's Delights! I am a former corporate girl with a passion for cooking.
I am finally going after my Delicious Delightful Dreams! I have now decided to share my love for cooking, with beginner cooks. Helping them realize that cooking doesn't have to be difficult or a chore.

I started a Youtube Cooking channel, where I sharie my simple recipes (mostly Southern) that I learned from my Great Grandmother, Mama Lee. She was from Mississippi and she taught me how to cook Southern Cuisine with a Healthy Flair. We try to add as many healthy fresh veggies & herbs to our recipes as possible. Which also provides added flavor & nutrients to most of our dishes.

The most valuable thing that Mama Lee taught me was, that when you cook from your heart, with love, you can't go wrong!

So Welcome! Let's Make Some Yummy Love in the Kitchen!!

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